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Engineering and design

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We are aware that solutions to most of the problems have to be found in the preparation and design, pay special attention to these activities.

Applying its own, but also extensive experience of international experts, professional team of engineers effectively implement new projects, analyzes of existing solutions, enhance and improve HVAC systems, atomatskog management and BMS.

Termoinzenjering designs and implements the following installations in commercial and industrial facilities:

  • heating, ventilation and cooling systems (HVAC);
  • building automation and control systems, BMS;
  • electrical installations, electric-motor drives, signalling and telecommunications installations

Termoinženjering offers it’s services through four departments:

Being aware that solutions to most engineering requests have to be found within the design and preparatory stage, we pay special attention to these segments of work. By applying our own experience and the experience of our numerous international collaborators we perform the required analyses, improve or change the systems of HVAC and BMS in the constructed facilities, identify the problems, integrate new solutions and react adequately to all professional challenges.

Termoinzenjering is particularly focused on extremely demanding facilities, with complex conditions and regulations, such as pharmaceutical and telecommunication plants, museums, theatres, hospitals, hotels, etc. Termoinženjering has special license I040M3 for construction of plants based in chemical industry that is under the competence of Ministry who regulate issue of construction approval in this field.

Termoinzenjering employs various types of engineers in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering, automatic control and electronics, which are highly equipped and trained to implement the most demanding projects. They possess all necessary licenses for design (330,350,352,353) and execution (430,434,450,453) of HVAC, electrical and automation installations.

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