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Electrical Department

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Electrical department deals with the engineering, design and execution of electrical, telecommunication and signalling installations.

With its experience and expertise, the team of licensed engineers is able to design and execute all types of electrical installations (electric power distribution, sockets and lighting, electric motor drives, automation and control, lightning protection, etc.) in business, residential and industrial facilities.

In the field of telecommunication and signal installations Termoinzenjering may implement all kind of installations from the very common, such as fire protection and anti-burglary alarm indication installations, structure cabling, etc. to very specific tasks relating to the technological purpose of the facility, such as the system for the protection of exhibits from burglary and system for the dissemination of information about exhibits that are applied in museums, or the access control system and the system for the management of human and power resources applied in hotels.

Construction and assembling of electrical cabinets

An added value of operations of the Electrical department is the manufacture of low-voltage electrical cabinets. With its quality of production of the electrical cabinets for all purposes and the accompanying services, the Termoinzenjering company has taken a significant position on our market.

We have attracted the attention of a number of local and foreign investors by our insistence on the quality and safety of the production, continual improvement of the production process and by using the equipment of reputable local and foreign manufacturers.

Termoinzenjering manufactures in its workshops low-voltage electrical cabinets of various purposes:

  • power supply
  • lighting
  • electro motor drive
  • automation and BMS
  • signalling and telecommunication (fire protection, anti-burglary, interferon, rack cabinets, etc.).

The cabinets are installed in various types of facilities, such as: theatres, hospitals, libraries, residential facilities, banks, pharmaceutical plants, telecommunications facilities.

Termoinzenjering particularly has vast experience in the construction of cabinets for automation and BMS systems and the automatic control for air conditioning systems, since from the very beginning of its foundation, one of the core business is the management and control of the various technical.

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