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Automation Department

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For many years now, Termoinzenjering, a general distributor of the automatic control equipment and systems of Siemens Building Technologies, has been one of the leading companies in this field on the territory of Serbia.

Quality, experienced and well-trained mechanical and electrical engineers and the high level of its technical equipment are the main features of the Automatic Control department.

Termoinzenjering is able to respond to all challenges and demands and to propose new, better and the most advanced solutions in this area, in which it is greatly assisted by the experience and technical support from Siemens SBT.

For the purpose of following up and introducing itself to the most advanced technologies and technical achievements in the field of building automation, control and management systems, Termoinzenjering organizes every year a certain number of specialized trainings and seminars in cooperation with foreign lecturers.

Up to date the company Termoinzenjering has implemented a large number of projects relating to building automation and BMS systems in business facilities, hospitals, sport and technical facilities, pharmaceutical plants, district heating systems, etc.

Within the Building Automation Department there is a software programming group that is assigned with the task to draft applicative software packages for the monitoring and management of all technical systems in a facility (HVAC, lighting, power supply installations, access control, signalling and telecommunications installations, etc.). Through the applicative software packages that it makes, Termoinzenjering optimizes the various building systems, energy efficiency, logic and simplicity of using and management.

With the concept of the building automation and BMS the following additional services may be rendered:

  • system and data protection from an unauthorized access (electronic signature);
  • activation of the set values in various time intervals;
  • alert signalization of the BMS, GSM mobile phone and the Internet;
  • integration of systems and devices made by other manufacturers into the BMS;
  • modem and network communication and connection of several remote units in BMS, etc.

After start up Termoinzenjering remains present in the facility by providing various repairs and maintenance services within the warranty term, and after its expiry it maintains the facility on a regular basis.

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