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Banja Luka - BiH

We are committed to establishing a modern quality management system that will allow customers to gain lasting trust in our quality and stability of the system, the establishment of environmental management systems and occupational health and safety management, which will allow the creation of safe and healthy conditions work, employee satisfaction, and all interested parties.

We are committed to improving the organization of work for the rational use of raw materials, energy and water, reducing air emissions and prevent pollution of water and soil, reducing total waste and waste disposal, which can be processed in a manner that does not endanger the environment.

Our mission is to create additional value for our clients understand their options and needs, processes and personnel resources so that they can gain the confidence of its customers and continuously strive to improve the quality of their own product.

This commitment requires that we in the process of contracting, implementation, delivery and maintenance of the product in all areas including quality, safety, health, environmental and social responsibility, use all your skills and knowledge.

Our core values are:

Ethics And Independence

Our ethics is based on the integrity of the company and those who work there. Clearly defined quality policy, environmental policy and health and safety at work and their conformity with international requirements and standards of the integrated management system is the guarantee of our legitimacy, environmental protection and health and safety.

Customer Confidence

Gaining and maintaining customer trust in our products achieve clear denisanim quality, harmonized with the laws, standards and good practice long as our own, and our regular suppliers, as well as the full realization of the set goals.

Relationship with customers

In every part of the world, regardless of cultural differences, our internal and external relations based on respect for people, their talent and lasting contributions.

The Common Spirit And Organization

Our community spirit is rooted in knowledge, strength, sense of commitment of all employees achieving the goals of quality, environmental and occupational health and safety.
We learn from every situation and spread the knowledge to improve individual and collective experience in order to strengthen the potential of the company.


We strive to make your offer to the market regularly upgrade for an overall improvement in business conditions in humans.

Technical and technological advances to help us advance in knowledge and innovation in order to improve our products and provide better services.