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Termoinženjering is founded in 1985. in Belgrade. It is one of the oldest private enterprises in Serbia and former Yugoslavia. At its very beginning, Termoinženjering established very successful cooperation with international partners, the Staefa Control Systems (first contract on distribution was signed in 1989.) and Trane.

Termoinženjering has growth in two directions, design and engineering in HVAC and electrical and automation systems. The cooperation in the field of automation systems continued with Landis and Staefa, Siemens BT and CO OHG and its final step Siemens SBT Belgrade.

In the fields of commercial and industrial HVAC systems, very successful work is followed by signing of distributor agreements with McQuay International and Evapco, while for air treatment equipment with companies Defensor, AxAir and finally Condair.

The cooperation in the field of telecommunication and IT centres was supported through distributor agreements with Hiross, Liebert Hiross and at the end Emerson Network Power.

In this period, Termoinženjering has, with its own resources, completely met all, often very complex requirements of such serious strategic goals as it is the projecting, consulting and engineering in field of HVAC, electrical and BMS systems. Cooperating with our partner-companies our engineers have, for the last 25 years, attended and successfully finished dozens of specialist courses and trainings.

This enabled Termoinženjering to be always ready and able to meet the most complex requests for making and performing of different applications in HVAC and BMS and automation systems.

Results of such business attitude are more than 50 M€ value of contracts in specialized HVAC and BMS systems and conquering the largest part of market in Serbia.