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In contemporary business and economy when a blink of the moment may turn into a loss amounting in millions, Emerson Network Power offers technological solutions, expertise and global support to building up a secure telecommunications network and IT structure.

Worldwide, Emerson Network Power provides to its clients secure and permanent power supply, high precision air conditioning, networking and computer system solutions, telecommunication and medical systems, industry, etc. This world leader has ensured its presence in our market by engaging Termoinzenjering as the distributor of the whole range of products manufactured by Emerson Network Power.

That equipment comprises devices for highly precise air conditioning, DC/AC power supply (UPS, batteries), racks and integrated cabinets and completely integrated solutions in telecommunications and IT facilities.

Integration, networking, monitoring and remote management of all systems is ensured by technically most advanced systems via Internet or GSM network. Therefore, the Emerson’s motto is: “Consider it solved”.